Viral NS1 protein is a nuclear, dimeric protein that is highly expressed in infected cells and has dsRNA-binding activity. The RNA-binding domain lies within the N-terminal portion of the protein. The NS1 RNA-binding domain forms a symmetric homodimer with a six-helical fold. Mutational analysis has demonstrated that dimer formation is crucial for RNA-binding. The basic residues are believed to make contact with the phosphate backbone of the RNA which is consistent with an observed lack of sequence specificity. Neither NS1 nor its bound RNA undergo any significant structural changes upon binding. The NS1 dimer spans the minor groove of canonical A-form dsRNA. The non-RNA binding portion of NS1 has been termed the effector domain and includes binding sites for host cell poly (A)-binding protein II (PABII) and the 30kDa subunit of cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor (CPSF)

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