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Antimicrobial peptides
Metal sequestration by antimicrobial proteins
Ion influx/efflux at host-pathogen interface
Neutrophil degranulation
Oncogenic MAPK signaling
Signaling by RAS mutants
Signaling by high-kinase activity BRAF mutants
Signaling by moderate kinase activity BRAF mutants
Paradoxical activation of RAF signaling by kinase inactive BRAF
Signaling by BRAF and RAF fusions
RAS signaling downstream of NF1 loss-of-function variants
Neurodegenerative Diseases
Deregulated CDK5 triggers multiple neurodegenerative pathways in Alzheimer's disease models
Formation of the cornified envelope
PI5P Regulates TP53 Acetylation
Downregulation of ERBB2 signaling
Signaling by MET
MET Receptor Activation
MET activates RAS signaling
MET activates PI3K/AKT signaling
MET activates PTPN11
MET promotes cell motility
MET activates PTK2 signaling
MET interacts with TNS proteins
MET activates RAP1 and RAC1
MET activates STAT3
MET receptor recycling
Negative regulation of MET activity
RAB GEFs exchange GTP for GDP on RABs
FBXL7 down-regulates AURKA during mitotic entry and in early mitosis
Protein ubiquitination
Synthesis of active ubiquitin: roles of E1 and E2 enzymes
Th1 and Th2 cell differentiation
Mannose type O-glycan biosynthesis
Th17 cell differentiation
Intestinal infectious diseases
Listeria monocytogenes entry into host cells
InlA-mediated entry of Listeria monocytogenes into host cells
InlB-mediated entry of Listeria monocytogenes into host cell
Synthesis of PIPs in the nucleus
Aryl hydrocarbon receptor signalling
Butyrophilin (BTN) family interactions
Interleukin-4 and 13 signaling
Interleukin-10 signaling
Collagen chain trimerization
E3 ubiquitin ligases ubiquitinate target proteins
RAB geranylgeranylation
Protein methylation
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